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Plastic surgery addresses surgical defects or deformities. These may be congenital or acquired, secondary to neoplasms or cosmetic in origin. There may be concerns with regards to shape or form or function. These may be corrected or improved via a variety of plastic surgery techniques.

Several factors must be taken into account when looking at outcomes. For example, surgical technique and experience as well as patient healing and scaring. As with any surgery, complications such as bleeding, infections, keloid formation, and healing problems, etc. may exist.

In general, plastic surgery procedures tend to be safer than more invasive surgery such as open heart or brain surgery. Also, many patients are younger and healthier.

Safety and professionalism are very important in dealing with our patients. If you are considering plastic surgery we invite you to set up an appointment to meet us and discuss your concerns.


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Some of the before and after images in this section may be graphic in nature due to the reconstructive nature of the surgeries. Please use these photos as a guide as you plan your procedure; actual results may vary.

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